Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Watching the detective

Receiving the award for least observant family of 2009 - the McDonalds of San Francisco.

I told my neighbor about the Sees candy find in the stocking and she started laughing. She and her husband put it there on CHRISTMAS EVE. That's 6 days ago. I first noticed it this morning. They have been hugely entertained watching us come and go through the front door dozens of times since they put it there. Never noticed it. Not me, not my husband, not the kids, not my mother, brother sister in law, niece, Tim's friends, Eddie's friends, four different nurses or a couple of delivery guys.

Best hiding place is always in plain sight. Especially with the ever vigilant McDonalds on the case.

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  1. I left $10,000 on your doorstep for Christmas,
    did you get it? Just a little gift from me and the girls since we love your blog so much!
    Happy Holidays and New Years!!

    Amanda and the girls


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