Friday, January 22, 2010

what we have here is a failure to communicate

Maggie and I made a trek to Walgreens today. This is nothing new. I am at Walgreens at least twice a week, sometimes more. . I generally go without Maggie because the aisles are narrow and the pharmacy department is in the back making it tough to navigate her wheelchair in there. It is accessible, just tight. Today, I had to bring Maggie. The pharmacy was crowded which made navigation even tougher. We slogged our way through and waited in line to pick up the meds.

I always go to the same Walgreens. Maggie’s meds are numerous and complicated and staying in one place makes things a little less confusing. At least 20 different people work in the pharmacy department. Not all at once, of course, but I am certain that between pharmacists and assistants I have seen that many different faces. They are very helpful. In fact, if I had to grade them, 15 of them get an A. Two get an A++There are a couple of b minuses and one gets an F.

Guess who waited on us today? That’s right, F for Friday.

Ms. “F” retrieved two of the meds but the one I came in for was not there. I asked about it and she said.” No. You didn’t order it.” Actually, I brought in the prescription myself last week. (Check computer again) “You picked it up on the 14th”. Well I picked up what you had but it wasn’t filled and they were supposed to order more. (checks computer again) “Oh then it’s too soon.” Too soon for what? “Renewal” I am not renewing anything, I did not get the full amount. This is a permanent prescription and there was only enough in stock for three doses.

Just as she does EVERY TIME she waits on me, she directs me to the drop off window to present my questions. I look eight feet to the right to the drop off window, which had a line about eight people long. I said I am not going to stand in that line. I just stood in this line to get here. You must understand that the drop off and pick up windows are openings to the same room. From the outside its two lines and two windows, but the two clerks are standing almost together. Moreover, shock of shocks, they are using the same computer system.

Every other clerk in that store deals with whatever questions arise with their customer. Ms. F just refuses – or at least she does with me.

I drew in my breath and said. No. I will not go over there. I am not here to drop anything off; I am here to pick it up. You are the pickup woman. You need to find out why it is not here. If you need to ask her do so, SHE’s RIGHT THERE. She simply turned and asked the woman who said “Oh, I got a communication error”. Clerk looks at me and repeats this in a very serious tone,” she got a communication error”

As though that explained anything at all.

She was perfectly satisfied with this explanation but I was confused. I asked what that meant and she said she did not know. (I think that’s why she was satisfied.) She told me to have a seat so they could work on it. The seats are right between the two windows. She was determined to get rid of me.

It worked. I gave up and went home. Maggie was at the end of her rope and we had to leave. I have to go back in the morning and hope against hope that she has the day off and I get Ms. A++

Communication errors…They seem to be going around.

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