Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wheelchair woes

It's been a tough weekend for Maggies chair. Last night she arched in her chair and the entire head rest snapped. Her force is so strong she snapped the screws holding the thing in place. I had to cobble something together so she could use the chair today. I did a Rube Goldberg arrangement with bungie cords and bought some time. We didn't leave the house because if my repair failed, which it could at any minute, she would be screwed. She cannot use the chair without the headrest. She cannot hold her head upand I could not push her home and hold her head at the same time. Good thing school is out this week; there's no way she could go to school with the chair like this. Steve is home now and he can do the epoxy trick that will hold us until I can get it back to the Wheelchair place. You may recall I just had this fixed on the 11th of March. Perhaps it's time for larger screws and a more thorough fix.

In addition to her headrest, we are having trouble with one of the switches on the communication device. the switch is loose on the machine. Maggie needs the switch to move the dynavox to the selection she chooses. Once again elastic comes to the rescue.I put a rubberband underneath it and hooked it over the top of the machine. This lifts the switch just enough to make it work.

This carefully and highly engineered chair and computer are working only because of bungie cords and rubberbands. Impressive.

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