Saturday, April 3, 2010

And a pleasant good morning to you too

The nurse left this morning and Maggie was snoozing. I sat just outside her room using the computer. After a while I heard her kicking the side rail of her bed. That's Maggie's sign that she is up and SOMEONE SHOULD BE IN HER PAYING ATTENTION TO ME. Generally it's done in good humor along with throwing pillows out of her bed.

I said "morning Mag, I'll be right there. That usually shuts her up because she knows she's not alone.

The noise didn't stop. I went in and she was struggling to breathe and her face was bluish purple. YIKES!

I don't know what happened but I just cranked the oxygen and did a deep suction. There didn't seem to be any obstruction. Her heart rate was 140 and when I took the oxygen away, her sats dropped to high 80's. (that's not good). I didn't let it get any lower and put the O2 back on her and whatever it was passed. Now she's up in her wheelchair - which is always a better position after something like that - and looking a litte wan. Heart rate is out of the stratosphere and the oxygen if off. Now she's smiling and not in any distress.

My heart rate is escalating by the moment. It always does that. I'm fine while the crises is happening, but crumble afterward.

I just did Maggie's #s again and she's still at only 93 so I put the O2 back on. She doesn't look bad though. Heart rate is down to 120 - which is still a bit high for her, but not terribly. Her ability to "call" for help impresses me. The constant banging was different than usual and made me go in there.

From now on if she's sleeping I will take my computer in there. It is a laptop and I can take my lap with me.

And so the day begins.....

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