Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caution, Men Working!

It was supposed to rain like crazy today, but so far, it’s beautiful. Despite this, we are staying in today. Nonetheless, it’s been an exciting morning. We are getting the house painted and the job started this morning. We are literally stuck in the house for the morning, though. We can’t get out because there are workmen everywhere and getting the wheelchair by would require pulling guys off ladders and interrupting the scaffolding project.

This is something we have put off doing for a long time and can’t put off any longer. It’s been 13 years since we painted the house, and with the salt air and fog we get here that is a long time. It held up very well, but in the last year or so it’s been apparent that it needs help. Because the house is so high they are putting up scaffolding in front. (in the back there is a deck off the first floor that allows their ladders to get to the top.

This morning I pushed Maggie into the front room to watch the scaffolding go up. She cracked up when a workman walked right in front of the window. It’s one story up and we don’t usually see a person up close and personal like that. I told her he was just extremely tall but that was not amusing to her (I laughed of course) She just gave me that “Honestly Mother” look. I tried to catch a picture but I coulnd’t get her laughing and didn’t think it was appropriate to ask the guy to pose. But here is the view Maggie found so entertaining.

After this morning our ingress and egress of the house will not be impeded. In fact the scaffolding guys are already finished and gone. The painters know we have to get a wheelchair through there and promise not to leave anything in the way. I, of course will verify that with my own eyes before they leave today, but I am not too worried about it. The nurses will not be able to use the driveway for a week or so, but we will just have to do the car shuffle every couple of hours to avoid parking tickets. (fact of life here in SF)

Here are the “before” and “during” pictures with the scaffold and cover. ( It is the law in SF that the job be covered so that the lead paint being scraped doesn’t fly around the neighborhood.)

Big reveal in a week or so, weather permitting. Now that we're ready to to the storm seems to be arriving.

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