Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinco de Madre

Happy day after Mother's Day. I hope all the mothers out there were treated like queens. We had a "Cinco de Madre" party here. My mom and two sisters and their families came over along with my father in law and a nephew from the other side Rather than the usual family fare, I had a taco/tostada bar for Mothers Day lunch. It was fun. Five of my nephews were here (ages 15-23) and they consumed vast amounts of food.  Maggie enjoyed all the company.

The boys watched the Giants game while they ate and when that game was over switched to the Oakland A's game. All of us are Giants fans and tolerate but don't really follow the A's. The only exception to this is my nephew Jack, who is 15. He has always been an A's fan and proudly stands out among all the cousins

My favorite image of yesterday had nothing to do with my mother or with being a mother. Rather it is an image of  Jack and came at the end of the A's game. The A's pitcher, Dallas Braden, had a perfect game going. By the end of the game all of us were in the room watching to see if he could pull it off. There weren't enough seats for everyone and several of us were standing. Jack had the leather recliner, the best seat in the room. After the first out in the 9th he was on the edge of his seat. After the second out he was standing up in front of his chair staring at the television. As the pitcher prepared to face the last batter, Jack looked like a proud father. When the perfect game was complete, Jack was grinning ear to ear. The man stands by his team and thoroughly enjoyed his moment in a room full of Giants fans.

The weekend was a nice break after the medical tests on Friday. We have discovered a downside of allowing doctors to put cameras into you body to see what's going on. Sometimes they find problems. We wanted answers to Maggie's repeated symptoms. Be careful what you wish for. We have the answers and we don't like them. Maggie will need surgery to repair a fistula (opening) that has developed between her lungs and esophagus. Not sure yet what exactly is entailed, but it will not be fun for her, or for any of us, that's for sure. This is not a new problem, because we have been fighting these symptoms for months, but now that we know it's there it has to be fixed. More news as it happens. 

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  1. Definitely not a wished-for answer but hopefully resolved with less discomfort than you anticipate.



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