Friday, May 7, 2010

No Soup for you

Just a drive by today. In two hours Maggie has to be in the admitting office at UCSF. They are doing two procedures in the OR which of course means anesthesia. Hopefully we will be home by dinner time, but there is a possiblity that she (we) will spend the night. Last year we did the same thing came home and had to go back in emergently the next day. I suggested they just plan to keep her so she will be safe. that was a few weeks ago when she was still showing signs and symptoms of that stubborn infection. Now she's very healthy. I will do whatever they say, but I don't feel strongly one way or the other. (See, sometimes I'm compliant.)

I have to gather up all the necessary gear for both an 8 hour stay and a 24 hour stay. So I'm off.

Maggie is on her computer asking for breakfast over and over and over again. She cannot eat because of the anesthesia. She gets that, but doesn't at the same time.  I just tell her "No Soup for YOU"  and she laughs her head off.

(If that doesn't make sense to you , go watch reruns of Seinfeld.)

Keep a good thought. I'll check back in later

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  1. We will be thinking of Maggie, and you of course:) Hope all goes smoothly and you're home in your own beds. Keep up posted on how things go!!

    Amanda and the girls


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