Friday, May 21, 2010

Prom Day!

Prom day has arrived! I will post pictures of the queen when she is ready to go.

Today at school they are having a beauty day. Maggie is getting her hair and nails done. She chose the sparkly turquoise nail polish and the feathered head band.

Her escorts will be me and dad. her brothers cannot get here on a Friday night anywhere cose to the time required. Two nephews were offered by thier respective mothers, but Maggie needs someone who knows how to suction and read her cues. Believe me, Maggie is just fine with all of it.

Excitement is in the air!


  1. Have a wonderful time Maggie!


  2. I could not have decided between the two sweaters anyway! (Sorry to have let Maggie down!)

    Can't wait to see photos - hoping you got close-ups of the sparkly polish!


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