Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interactive Post

Ok folks, I need your help. Maggie's prom is Friday night.
First of all, here is the dress itself with the peace sign scarf

The dress is set but we need assistance with the "wrap." She needs some sort of sweater or jacket because it will be cold.  I have two choices to show you and ask for your input.
We can go with the same color short sleeve sweater. It matches and may fit a bit better, but it's casual
The other is a more formal white sweater shown below with close up detail.
Downside, it may be a little big for Maggie.

Comment to vote, or send me an email. We have to know by Friday morning. Maggie is depending on you.

Note:I generally don't accept anonymous comments, but I will today. Of course I reserve the right to veto any inappropriate comments. By the way, if you are considering leaving inappropriate comments, get some help. 


  1. Go with the blue sweater. It might be a little more casual but if it fits better it will look better:) All three of us vote BLUE sweater!! Go Maggie and have a WONDERFUL time at your prom, we're excited for you!!

    Amanda and the girls

  2. Love the blue and it's such a good color on her. It also looks younger than the white sweater

  3. mos def the white!

  4. Cindy Neeley says the blue one. It really pulls the dress together with the scarf. Also makes the scarf stand out more. Beautiful dress.

  5. I like the white! It's so sophisticated and classy. Even if it's a little big, I think it will look great!

  6. I think the blue sweater is better if Maggie is going to wear the scarf. I think the shiny fabric on the dress makes it formal enough.

    The scarf does not really go with the fancy white sweater.

    I do know something about the subject of scarves...


  7. I say go with the blue sweater. Not only will it fit better, but it's pretty, oh so pretty. Have a great time Maggie! I'll be thinking about you. Love, Anna

  8. I like the white (fancy girl), but Jim likes the blue. Some help we are!


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