Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glass Half Full

There was one particularly curious circumstance while Maggie was hospitalized. We had to be protected from the medicine, but not from the disease.

Because Maggie had a flu virus, the medical personnel had to take "droplet precautions".  That means they had to put on a mask when they came into the room. Also anyone who was going to touch Maggie had to also put on a gown and gloves. The reasons for this are obvious. Maggie's virus, like all viruses, was contagious. Keeping masks and gloves on protects the health care workers and the other patients form contracting the virus.Steve and I did not take those precautions. We had already been exposed anyway and we were not in contact with any other patient.

We were, however, required to wear special face masks when they administered the tobrymyacin because it is done via nebulizer and the medication is in the air. If one had sensitivities or allergies to that drug and didn't wear the mask they could have a reaction because they would be inhaling some of it. So we protected ourselves form the medication. Steve looked particularly good doing so, though, don't you think. I believe he's watching the Giants game in this photo. (Note Maggie laughing at him while she gets her treatment)

Maggie continues to improve, but also continues to need the oxygen supplement. The most difficult thing is getting her to keep it on. She yanks it off and various connectors go flying. I never did find one of the pieces last night.

But in the "lemonade from lemons" department, I did discover that the oxygen tank makes a perfect coaster for my glass of Cabernet. (For some reason Steve took issue with this and moved it as soon as I took the picture)  

Now THAT's what I call a glass half full.


  1. Very funny! For some reason, each word that you've highlighted is yellow and really difficult to read -- is it my computer or is this true for everyone?

  2. Thanks for pointing tht out. Those were words spell check didn't recognize and I ignored them. I didn't click "ignore" I actually ignored them. They stayed highlighted. One day I will figure all of this out.

  3. Half full indeed!

    Good for being home and for her improvement!


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