Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Naptime post

Sneaking in a quick post while Queen Maggie snoozes in her chair.

It is good to be home. We have a lot to do to deal with Maggie’s illness, but it is always easier when we’re in our own house. The hardest part is keeping the oxygen on her. Maggie is constantly ripping the tube off. (I’ve fixed it twice since I wrote these two sentences.) Usually I see it happen and put it right back. Other times, like now, I look over and she is very white.

It is unfortunate that Maggie has to miss the last week of school. She had a great school year and would love to take part in all of the end of the year festivities. Oh well, summer school starts on the 15th, I think. She should be close to fighting form by then.

Maggie has had well over 100 hospital admissions in her lifetime. We are veterans. I know the routine and many of the professionals who work there. That is helpful because it eliminates a lot of guess work. We get enough surprises with Maggie’s ever-changing health status, we don’t need any from unfamiliarity with the system. In addition to understanding how the hospital systems work, I also know a lot about Maggie and her numerous conditions. Maybe too much.

Knowing this information is both good and bad. I can tell you this: the hospitalizations never get easier. When she’s in the ICU – or anywhere in the hospital – I’m just like any other mom, scared out of my wits.

It’s good to be home.

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  1. Of course you're scared out of your wits. I can't imagine anyone with any sense would be anything but! I'm glad, too, that you're home and away from the hospital. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Maggie continues to heal.


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