Monday, July 12, 2010

Double Dutch Weekend

Maggie and I were moving slow this morning as we prepared to get her on the bus for the last week of summer school. It is Monday after a busy weekend and we both felt it.

Saturday involved a trip to the Academy of Sciences. She spent the early morning using her talker to say, "Dad, I want to go aquarium."  So we did. As we entered the woman checking tickets said "Hello, Maggie." It is pretty unusual for someone that I don't low to greet her by name; it's welcome, but unusual. It turned out the woman is a college student who worked in Maggie's classroom this year. Maggie was very pleased with that. Then she and Steve met a lovely little creature.
I had to disappoint them both when I told them they couldn't keep him

The rest of Saturday was spent preparing for our World Cup party. We had "The Dutch Brunch" and offered both Spanish and Dutch fare. There were 12 people here watching the game. Maggie hates watching television so we put her where she could see all the people but not the screen. Most of us were rooting for The Netherlands(Maggie was decked out in Orange) but none of us were that into soccer that it mattered. Mainly we ate Dutch cheese and Spanish Omelets, drank Sangria, Cava and Dutch Beer.

 Conversation was light and easy until something happened - or almost happened - in the game. Poor Maggie would jump a mile when there was a shot on goal and all of us shouted at once and then followed quickly with "oooooohhhhhhhh" when the shot missed.

Maggie was a little relieved when her nurse Josephine arrived and she could leave the room.


  1. I'm curious why Maggie doesn't like television. Sophie doesn't really either, at least that's what I think. She never pays attention to it and acts a bit agitated.

  2. Elizabeth - The main reason Maggie dislikes TV is she cannot see it. Her visual impairment is such that the movement of the pictures just overwhelms her. She can't process or even handle both the movement and the picture at the same time.
    The other reason is that she's spoiled. If the tv's on folks are watching that and Maggie may not be the center of attention for as long as 10 minutes at a time {faint}


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