Friday, August 6, 2010

Beauty Day

Maggie got a haircut today. We made an appointment, got in the car and went to North Beach to get it done. This is a departure for Maggie. Generally one of her nurses cuts Maggie's hair while she sleeps. That works remarkably well but every once in a while we have to go get it "done".

I called my friend Lisa who cuts my hair. She was surprised to hear from me because I was just there last week. I asked if she would consider cutting Maggie's hair. With her beautiful thick Italiam accent she said I would LOVE to cut Maggie's hair. You bring her to me."  Today was the day.

I asked Maggie if she was ready to get a haircut and she was excited. She kept grabbing at her hair all morning. I'm not sure if she was saying "take this away" or "I'm gong to miss this hair"

Maggie thoroughly enjoyed getting her hair cut - but the blow dryer Lisa used to clean off the hair all over Maggie was a bit much for her. I put a cover on her trach to prevent any errant hair from getting in there. When Lisa was finished she asked Maggie if she wanted it shorter. maggies signed yes and Lisa started to laugh and said. "Ok, Bella, we will make it shorter"

Now Maggie has a new pixie cut for her return to school

Next stop, mani/pedis


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