Monday, August 9, 2010

Half Awake

I awoke this morning to a ringing phone. Is there anything that gets your adrenaline going faster than that? I didn't panic, though, because Steve is in Yosemite and he said he was going to call before they started up Half Dome. There wasn't anyone on the other end of the phone, but reception is unpredictable so I didn't worry.

I put my head down and the phone rang again. I picked it up and heard the nurse's voice. I glanced at the clock at the same moment and realized I forgot to turn on the alarm last night. It was after 7 and she needed to go home. Her ride was outside waiting for her. I leaped out of bed and was downstairs in a flash all apologies. This woman works with Maggie all night while I snooze upstairs. She shouldn't have to wake me to get to go home.

In the ten or twelve years we have had night nurses for Maggie I think this is the second time I've overslept.  (and it was only 7:10).  Even on days I forget to set the alarm, I wake up naturally. Seven days a week, 365 days a year I am up by 6:30. Sometimes earlier. Not sure why this didn't happen this morning. Perhaps because Steve isn't here. Make no mistake, he doesn't get up at 6:30, I do; but he is always here. My routine was altered because he is gone.

That's it. I'm blaming Steve.

He never did call this morning but they were scheduled to be on the Half Dome trail by 6:00AM. (He is with his Marie and Cliff, his sister and brother in law). It's a 17 mile hike with 4800 ft elevation change. They should finish around 4:00. As you're trudging through your Monday, think of that.

Here's a shot of Half Dome from the famous Ansel Adams collection (

Update: Steve called me from the top a little before noon. They started at 6:45 AM.  It's all down hill from here!

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  1. I have never hiked the Half Dome, but we've gone quite a few times to Yosemite and stayed at the Wawona. I absolutely love it and really miss going this year.


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