Friday, September 3, 2010

The Gift of Time

We are readjusting to the school schedule. That means we are back to the morning rush of getting Miss Maggie ready and out the door in time for the bus at 7:15. That is no small feat. By the time the bus pulls away, I am ready for a few minutes of down time. It is this time that I tend to read the paper (yes we still get the paper) check facebook, write, read blogs etc.

It is important to be aware of the time slipping by, however, because there is a lot to be done before that afternoon bus arrives with Maggie. There is a nurse here in the afternoon to tend to Maggie, but I have to be around to help. I can run out for a few minutes here or there, but I am on a very short leash once Maggie is home.  If I was an intelligent being, I would hit the ground running in the morning and play on the computer after 3PM, but I guess that involves too much of a change in my schedule.   

I do have actual work to do for the clients I handle. There is also the ridiculous amount of paperwork and “busywork” involved in managing Maggie’s supplies, services, nursing, life etc. Every week there is some appointment or other for Maggie, which all requires choreography as well as execution.  On top of that are the obligations that everyone has shopping, laundry, walking dog etc.  Tasks that can be done with frequent interruption I save for the afternoon.  Things that need my full attention have to happen while Maggie is gone.

Yesterday I finished something I was working on at 2:00PM. Maggie’s nurse arrives at 2:30 and her bus comes at 3:00. I needed to help my mom with something but I did not have time to get over then and back before Maggie arrived. I called and told her I would be there at 4:00PM after Maggie was settled in and the first set of procedures was done. I still had to do the shopping too. We had a friend coming for dinner so I needed to get to the store.  I knew I could do that in an hour.  I went to Safeway which is just a few blocks away. I was coming home  when I  saw a school bus. I looked at the clock  which read 2:42 and thought, that can’t be Maggie, it’s 15 minutes early. As we passed each other I tried to catch a glimpse to see if it was Maggie’s driver. I couldn’t see him but was sure it wasn’t. As I turned the corner onto my street I see Janice, the school nurse pulling out. That means Maggie was home AAACK!  She was early.  That really did not compute.

Janice stopped to give me a report on Maggie’s day. She had already spoken to Fely, the home nurse, but Maggie has been less than perky this week, so she wanted to talk to me too. She told me Fely asked “where’s mom.”  It was unthinkable that I wouldn’t be there to meet the bus. I’ve never done it without telling someone ahead of time. I lugged the groceries in and greeted the Queen and her attendant. We set about getting the procedures done. 

As I was getting ready to go to my moms, Steve called. I told him I had to dash and he said those words every busy person wants to hear. “I’m about six blocks from your mom’s house, why don’t I go fix it?” That was the gift of time. I had an hour to myself. The shopping was done. Dinner was easy and didn’t need to be started yet. I had an hour to waste if I wanted to.

I plopped in a chair and watched “Make over my Man” day on Oprah. It was decadent. And I got a few good ideas for Steve and the boys. 

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