Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

 It is a beautiful day here. Gorgeous. But I'm too grumpy to enjoy it yet. 

The night nurse didn't arrive at 11:00PM as she was supposed to. Maggie is sick. She has bronchitis that we are desperately trying to keep from turning into pneumonia.  She needs oxygen all the time until this clears up. I had been dealing with a lot all day. Even when the day nurse was here I was talking to the doctor and making trips to the pharmacy. 

I was more than ready to hit the hay at 11:00. No Lucy.11:15 no lucy. I called her cell. No answer. I called her house. No answer. I texted. No response. Arrgh. 

I sent Steve to bed (he had a far more exhausting day than I and arrived home at about 9:30). I put Maggie in her bed and switched over to the large oxygen tank . I sat at her bedside and played on my computer until I could not keep my eyes open any longer. That was about 1:00AM Maggie was in a deep sleep so I reclined the chair and fell asleep.  I figured I would hear Maggie if she needed anything.. 

Next thing I knew it was 1:30 and Steve was walking in the room. Lucy had been ringing the door bell for five minutes and I didn't hear it. She overslept. She woke up at midnight and just started getting ready, showering etc, but never bothered to call or respond to my texts. Bizarre.

It scares me that I would sleep through the doorbell when I'm supposed to be on duty with Maggie. You can't really hear it in the back that well, but I was really out. That's a problem. 

I went to bed intending to sleep until 9.  About an hour later Steve says, "did you hear the doorbell." I said "that already happened, she's here." He said, " I thought I heard it again." (Now it's 2:30AM). I said "I am not expecting anyone and if it's some sort of emergency they will bang on the door." He went back to sleep. I wondered if there was some sort of emergency. (Not enough to get up and check, mind you, just enough to not sleep) 

 As a bonus for the evening, Steve forgot to turn off his cell phone alarm from his outing on Sunday morning. It went off at 7AM. I heard THAT perfectly.  Intersting because that is downstairs and I was upstairs. He ran down and turned it off and went right back to sleep. Me? Not so much.

Sleep was just not in the cards for me last night. 

I sent Lucy home. She talks incessantly and my brain is too foggy to listen to her. I would rather take care of Maggie myself than listen to her chronic mumbling. Truly I hear: " mmbllelblelmele,  right Sally?"  And I say "I'm sorry, what did you say." so she repeats it. It doesn't help. It hurts to concentrate. I told her to get some sleep and BE ON TIME tonight.

so it's me and Maggie. And a large pot of coffee.

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  1. Oh, Sally, I hope you get some sleep soon and that Maggie's chest cold stays just that and doesn't get worse.

    I'm thinking of you both --


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