Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Joy of Thursday

Maggie was very tired this morning. We went through the motions of getting everything ready to meet the bus this morning and she just stared rather disinterested. Her responses to me were non existent or half hearted. I wasn't worried she was sick or anything, she was just in a mood.

We went down the elevator and made our way through the crowded garage. The whole time she was looking rather bored with life.  She looked 16 and very blase about her surroundings.

But Maggie cannot contain her joy for long. As soon as the school nurse arrived Maggie was so excited that she almost burst through the straps on the chair. When the bus pulled up she did it again.  As the wheelchair was loading on to the bus, Maggie was laughing her head off. I told the Nurse and the driver that I don't ever remember bring that excited to go to school.

Or maybe she's excited about leaving her mother.

 That couldn't be it. What teenage girl doesn't want to hang around with her mom all day?

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