Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mother and Daughter

Ok, this is a departure. But things have happened here that have to be acknowledged. Since this blog is dedicated to my relationship with my teenage daughter, I want to dedicate today's post to another maother and daughter, Jacqueline and Janessa Greig, who are being laid to rest Friday morning.

Last Thursday there was a terrible explosion in San Bruno that flattened a neighborhood. Many people lost their homes and some people lost their lives. Among those lost were Jacqueline and Janessa Greig, a mother and her young teenage daughter. I did not know this family, but many people  I know knew them. While they were at home, so close to the center of the explosion, Dad and older sister were at back to school night at the High school. My heart and prayers go to the two of them, who lost everything and everyone, and to all the other victims of this disaster.

This video was prepared by someone at St. Cecilia's school, where Janessa was in the 8th grade. All the photos were taken by classmates It's sad, but very sweet. Her life was short, but full.

Blogger won't let me post it because they used some music but you can find it here


  1. Thank you for posting the video and for remembering this child and her mother. It's so tragic -- and good to put a face, a life on something we only read about in the paper.

  2. Such an awful story, watching it unfold on the news last week was just horrible. Hit so close to home since we live in the bay area.


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