Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NPR Story

This story on NPR involves now 21 year old Olivia Welter from Illinois, who has issues similar to Maggie's. She sounds healthier than Maggie, but more physically involved. This story about her home care is almost exactly what we deal with in California. The "Katie Beckett" waiver is handled slightly differently by each state. I have no idea if the California version expires at age 21 as the Illinois version does. But you better believe I'm going to find out. Maggie will be 17 in March.

This is a balanced story about technological advancement, mortality, cost, budget constraints, and the reality of cutbacks on the most vulnerable members of society and their families..

 You can hear the story at the NPR website.

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  1. GREAT article and story -- I posted it as well on my blog last week and got many comments that are interesting to read --


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