Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick Sense of Humor

Maggie is under the weather. You can tell by looking at her. She has been fighting off the blahs for several days and it finally caught up to her. Hopefully it is only a cold, but Maggie’s system is so sensitive that any disruption in the force sends her into a tailspin. I have called the doctor, but I do not think we need to go unless she gets worse.

Right now, I have her hooked up to the oxygen because she keeps fading away without it. It is like gas in the tank. It is exactly like gas in the tank. The problem is when the oxygen works its magic, Maggie’s energy comes back and then she yanks the oxygen tubing off, which causes her to fade again. We will play this game all day. It is not particularly fun.

This morning Steve was running around looking for nail clippers because Maggie had a broken fingernail. He went upstairs grumbling when he could not find them in Maggie’s room. While he was up there I just fixed the issue with my hand.

Ok, alright, I pulled it off.  If it were on my hand, I would have done that. You would too, be honest.

Steve came back down the stairs and I said I already took care of it.  He said you didn’t yank it off did you? I smiled and nodded. He jokingly chastised me a bit saying you are not supposed to do that.  I teased him back that he would have us head to the ICU for a broken fingernail.    Maggie just listened with a weak smile on her face.

As Steve was leaving for work, he told Maggie to feel better. He asked where it hurt and she pointed to her throat area. He said “Anywhere else?” She looked very tired and reacted in slow motion. Eventually she grabbed her finger with the now repaired nail and gave a sly grin.  Steve gave me a look of (mock) disapproval.

She may be feeling ill, she may be a bit weak, but her teenage attitude and sense of humor are just fine, thank you.

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  1. I hope Maggie feels better soon. My Sophie has been under the weather as well -- it's killing me. I am inspired by your continual sense of humor.


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