Friday, November 19, 2010

Who's the Boz?

Maggie did have to go to urgent care on Friday. We spent over three hours at UCSF but we got a lot done. She had a chest xray, a flu shot, a respiratory treatment, some steroids and two prescriptions. She was sicker than I thought. The chest xray was not terrible, but it was not clear either.They said "maybe" a viral pneumonia, but definitely a sick girl.

 Getting the xray is always a chore, but I have to say today went fairly smoothly. The woman in charge was helpful, knowledgeable and actually listened to my concerns.

 As always I donned my lead apron to ward off the radiation and helped hold Maggie in the various positions.
When they do the lateral view I'm supposed to hold her hands over her head while she leans forward in the chair.  This is extremely difficult. Maggie has difficulty lifting both hands over her head at once and if she doesn't want to do it, you cannot believe the strength she has to fight it.

 I used her favorite song against her.We listened to Beyonce sing that song about 20 times today, so I know exactly when she would react. I waited for the right moment and said
"All the single ladies, put your hands UP".
She did. I grabbed them and they got the picture. The picture was clear, but the lungs were not.

Incidentally earlier in the day we were putting various tunes on the Ipod. Maggie actually let me play a different set list. I heard the song linked below and tried to explain to her that this was my high school song. This was my "single ladies." She smiled sympathetically, much as I did to my parents as they tried to convince me how great Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey were. Turns out they had a point. Perhaps Maggie will see the light one day too.

For all the St. Rose girls out there, here's Boz Scaggs doing Dinah Flo



  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Maggie is so sick. Your description of getting x-rays is, as usual, heartbreaking and hilarious. I send good wishes for a quick recovery.

  2. Just spent some time catching up sorry Maggie is so sick! She is one strong-willed and funny kid and the ways in which you sometimes have to creatively outsmart her are indeed hilarious and give us such a clear window into your life. Get well, Maggie!!


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