Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days and counting

Greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through....

OK, not really, but I'm getting there. Most greeting cards have been sent except for the few addresses or zip codes that I need.  I have one gift left to buy and I generally know what that will be. Maggie and I will head out this morning. 95% of things are wrapped, mostly thanks to Steve.

I do  have two problems, though. One problem I cannot control and the other is something I just have to do but keep procrastinating to avoid it.

I cannot do anything about the weather, but I have a nagging concern that the boys wont's be able to make it home for Christmas. It's been storming for days and it's supposed to continue right through next weekend. The mountains have received something like 5 feet of new snow and the roads are terrible. Tim should  make it because he can just wait for a break in the weather and go, and then he will be here for a few weeks.  Eddie and Grace are coming only for a day or so because Grace has to work in Reno on the 23rd and the 26th. Then they are moving to Orange county on the 28th. A major storm could prevent the trip here. I know they can go to spend Christmas with Grace's family if need be, but I really hope they make it. I have to just let go and hope because it is completely out of my hands.

The procrastination involves the stacks of papers on the dining room table. I have whittled it down as far as possible and now have a pile that I really don't know what to do with. None fit into any categories I've created, but I can't seem to just toss them either. It's not like I can hide them anywhere, the house is full to overflowing with Christmas gifts, decorations and even extra furniture.

We borrowed the "chill out" chair for Maggie for the vacation. This chair is made entirely of foam with a deep cut out for the body, so Maggie doesn't fall out of it. (I don't leave her alone in the room, though) She can sit in something other than her wheelchair  for a break. Generally in the evening she wants to get out of her wheelchair and she ends up either laying on the floor or sitting with Steve because I really can't hold her for long anymore.

 Being on the floor often makes her cough uncontrollably so she hangs out with dad. This chair gives both of them a break and Maggie finds it very entertaining to just lounge like the teenager she is.

This chair is enormous, though and it is taking up the portion of our living room that is not overrun with wrapped gifts or Christmas decorations. When (and if) everyone arrives for Christmas, we will have to take the chill out chair downstairs.

OK, procrastination ends now. I will let Maggie help me sort the papers. THAT should take care of things.


  1. I love the chill out chair. Where did you get it? Did you adapt it yourself?

  2. Oh, and I do hope your guys make it home for Christmas. I really hope that for you all.


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