Friday, December 17, 2010

yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is everywhere

There have been a number of Santa and Santa like sightings this week. It seems the spirit of giving is alive and well. So I have to agree with the old quote "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Maggie and I just returned home from school. It is the last day before the two week break for the Holidays. Like every other classroom in America the day ended with a party. I'm not sure how many of these other parties were dance parties featuring mostly wheelchair users, though. It was hilarious and the kids had a great time. Teacher Joe, who was Maggie's middle school teacher,  took Maggie out of her chair and danced around the room with her. Maggie loved it.

Earlier in the week the class took the streetcar out to the Stonestown shopping mall to shop and check out all the decorations. In past years they've headed downtown to Union Square, but the weather was questionable and the mall was warm and dry. I didn't join them on that trip, but I know Maggie cam home from school very tired that day, and that is a good indicator that she spent a lot of energy jumping and laughing.

Maggie's friend Juan found something that caught his eye at one of the kiosks in the mall. It was a remote control helicopter. He was looking at it carefully. The kids were gathering for a photo with Santa and the kiosk was right near Santa's hangout. Juan went with everyone else to get the picture taken but returned to the Kiosk afterward. Mr David, (the same guy who wore the horse shirt in yesterday's post) helped Juan count out his money in the hopes of buying the helicopter. Juan did not have enough money to buy it, the gadget cost $35. David was explaining to Juan that it cost more money than Juan had. Obviously, Juan was disappointed.

That's when it happened The Christmas spirit, the kindness of strangers, whatever you want to call it. The guy in the kiosk simply gave the helicopter to Juan. A $35 toy was just handed over. Juan went from disappointed to over the moon. What a nice thing to do. That vendor absolutely made Juan's Christmas by doing that. I wonder if he knows what a big deal that was.

Perhaps catching some of that spirit, Santa Claus himself was very accommodating to the class. He let everyone in to take a picture together. Maggie, who claims not to believe, was convinced Santa was the real deal when she was allowed to touch his beard.

Maggie will miss her friends over the Christmas Break, This is her social circle and, without them she gets very bored. I can see why, they are a good looking group.
Robert, Maggie Santa, Juan and Tyre 

On behalf of these amazing kids and the amazing people who teach them and help them and love them, I wish you all the best Holiday season and I hope you too find Santa Claus everywhere you look.


  1. What a beautiful story and a truly lovely gesture, makes me believe.

  2. I bought of those helicopters for my husband for his birthday. I am so happy Juan now has one. It is a great toy.



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