Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wild Wild West

Getting Maggie dressed can be a chore. There is a lot of lifting and straining to get her shirt and pants on. Maggie helps some. She can help pull her arms through the shirt, for example. She can also be a hindrance, though. Maggie find is hilarious to try to rip off her diaper as one tries to get her legs through the pant legs. Preventing that is difficult. I find myself in the most unusual physical positions getting her dressed. I use my elbow and forearm to cover the front of the diaper while leaning my body back toward her upper body to prevent her from falling. All of this while I'm feverishly working to get her legs into the pants. Maggie finds this game to be hilarious. I find it exhausting.

Generally on school days the nurse has her all dressed when I come downstairs at 6:30. I don't argue with that. It makes my life easier and Maggie is half asleep while she's getting dressed, so there are fewer games. That means the nurse chooses what Maggie wears to school. That's also fine with me. If she needs to wear something specifi for some reason, I lay things out the night before. There have been a few "misses" but generally Maggie looks great.

 Etoy, the night nurse here on school nights has good taste and a good sense of style. She also bought many of Maggie's clothes, so she knows what she' wants to put on her. Every time Etoy goes home to Houston she comes back laden down with gifts of clothing for Maggie.   This summer she brought Maggie this pink and red shirt with a large horse head on the front. Etoy calls it Maggie's "Texas" shirt.  Maggie loves this shirt, but I have to say it is a very unusual shirt. .

Yesterday Maggie wore that shirt to school. The teachers were asking Maggie about it and she was proudly pointing to the horse on her shirt. They commented that it is not the type of shirt you seen in San Francisco's Mission District. Mr. David, a very cool guy and one of the aides (paraprofessionals) in the classroom said, "well, wait a minute. I am wearing a horse shirt today too". His shirt was underneath a couple of layers, but when he took those off the tow of them were in matching shirts. Ok, his wasn't pink and red, but it was the very same shirt. Maggie was thrilled.

Of course I didn't know anything about this until I received this picture on my phone.

Maggie looks very pleased, doesn't she. 

Apparently this is QUITE this shirt for San Francisco's hip and happening Mission District and mom i hopelessly out of touch again.  Who knew?

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