Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion Package

When I picked up the mail the other day there was a large bright green envelope addressed to Maggie. I noticed the return address was that of Joan P., an old friend of my parents. I admit, I was curious, but I had to wait for Maggie's bus to arrive so she could open it. After all, it's not like Maggie gets mail every day. (Well, actually she does, but it's never anything fun, just insurance statements, medical bills and notifications about services.) I knew the bright envelope would entertain her no matter what the contents.

When she arrived Maggie was delighted to have the envelope on her tray. She pulled and yanked. Finally I helped her open it and she pulled out a soft inner package in wrapping paper along with a note. I read Maggie the note as she ripped the wrapping paper to shreds. Joan said in her note that she admired how Maggie always had a scarf that matched her outfit and sent her 5 more in various colors. 

Maggie has a ton of scarves, but she needs them. She sometimes goes through 10 or more in a day.  They serve various functions. They cover the trach from prying eyes, the catch secretions and they look good. We try to emphasize the last function. 

The five new scarves were still on the table on Saturday when Steve and Maggie and I went for a walk in Golden Gate Park. In an amazing coincidence, we ran into Joan P, and I think that's the first time that has ever happened. Of course I've seen her at events and things numerous times over the years, but I have never crossed paths accidentally. She knows all about Maggie from this blog and gets news from my mom, but she had never met Maggie first hand.  Funny how the universe works  Maggie started out a bit shy, but she gave Joan a big laugh and wave when she heard it was the lady who sent the scarves. 

Yesterday Maggie wore the cool black and pink one and I don't mind telling you she looked HOT

(Note Maggie flashing the peace sign to match the peace sign on her sweatshirt. That is purely coincidental. Maggie cannot generally isolate the movement of her fingers like that.)  The only thing that was deliberate was matching the hot pink outline of the scarf with her hot pink shirt (not visible) and the sweatshirt.

Thanks, Joan for your thoughtfulness and your contribution to the Maggie fashion fandango! The bright green envelope was also great.

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  1. What a sweet AND thoughtful gift! Sophie wears scarves daily as well -- for all the drooling, mainly. I wish though that they were more absorbent as we have to change them so often.


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