Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small Things

Steve and I stole away on Friday night for a quick bite. We don't go out very often and we always have a great time. I really needed to get out of this house but didn't have the drive to come up with any thing. I jumped at Steve's suggestion that we go out to dinner.

We went to a little Mexican place we like. It's always crowded and very ALIVE. Every inch of that small restaurant is decorated with brightly colored paint, pictures or other things. You can't stay down in the dumps for long if you eat there. Here's Steve posing by the beers and you can see some of the decor in the background.

In addition to the decorations on the walls, every chair has a name painted on the back. The names are random, there will be Jordan or Ann next to a Julio or Mike. It's just another part of the energy of the place.

I signed in for us and we waited about 20 minutes for a table, wandering into a nearby bookstore for a few minutes. We came back just a minute before they guy said "Sally, for 2" I said "right here." He held out my chair and I had to point this out to him (see picture). He smiled and said I'd love to tell you that was on purpose, but we are a little busy to match the chairs with the customers.

My phone rang during dinner. I always keep it on the table in case the nurse calls about Maggie. It wasn't the nurse, but a number I didn't recognize. I don't know why I answered it, but I did. The woman on the other end said "Sally?" I (checked the chair and) said YES?
This is Anna Romo.

Anna Romo is the lady who was so nice to Maggie and gave her the bread the other day. (see two posts from earlier this week) She received Maggie's thank you note and the note I enclosed with a copy of the post and a business type card.

I motioned to Steve and ran outside where I could hear her and she very sweetly thanked me for the note and told me how Maggie is a blessing in our life.  She invited us to visit her at Boudin Bakery again, and I promised to do so.

I came back to the table and told my confused husband that it was Anna Romo. (It was Steve's idea that Maggie write the note). I said, she got Maggie's note and was very happy about it. We smiled at each other and Steve said simply "Small Things."

What he meant by that was what a difference small things makes in someones life. Anna showed a small kindness to Maggie, Maggie sent a small note of thanks,  Anna made a phone call to thank us for that and to invite us to visit again. Three small things that add up to a lot.  And my chair had my name on it!

Everyone feels good. Everyone wins.

Remember the small things. They really do matter.


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  1. Thank you. Any you've passed on these small things to us -- thank you.


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