Sunday, February 6, 2011


We are heading up to UCSF bright and early Monday morning. Maggie has to have another broncoscopy. They will put a little camera down into Maggie's lungs and have a look see. She has to be under anesthesia for the exam, but it is painless for her. The anesthesia is the toughest part, but that is one thing with which Maggie has not had any problem. Still, it's no fun, that's for sure. No fun for her and no fun for me.

Maggie's lungs and condition is a source of great mystery to all involved in her care.She is an enigma. The trach, which undoubtedly saved her life, also creates its own set of problems. It's an irritant in an area of her body that can't really take it. We face a constant struggle to keep her healthy.

But it's no struggle at all to keep her happy.   She is the most joy filled person I have ever encountered. It is magical. I wish I could bottle and sell what she has, because people would line up to get it.

Maggie is an enigma. She's enigmagic.

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  1. I wish you ease and luck tomorrow with the procedure.

    I love how you've described Maggie. She IS radiant and filled with joy. I'll take a bottle.


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