Friday, February 4, 2011

Tax dollars

Maggie and I had a day about town today. We went to see Steve in his office and then went to see Tim at work at Mr. Pickle and bought a sandwich.  We came back, regrouped, took care of business, and then went for a walk in Golden Gate park. It was a beautiful day here, but its's a day Maggie should have been at school.

There was no school today because it was a furlough day. San Francisco schools are closed for a few days here and there this year to help meet the budget shortfalls. That means the school nurse did not arrive this morning, the bus driver did not pull up, there was no one at school to help kids off the buses, no teachers, no janitors and no administration. All those people had an unpaid day off and all the students missed school. I believe that is an example of your tax dollars NOT at work.

.  I am glad that it was the kind of day one could enjoy outside. If you're not getting educated, or being paid to educate, a walk in the park can be educational and it's always free.

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  1. I like your understatement. We've been dealing with budget cuts that have included rotating aides on the bus so now I have to either entrust Sophie to someone who has NEVER WORKED WITH HER or drive and pick her up myself. I've chosen the latter. We also have those infernal furlough days -- all this belt tightening, as you stated last night -- when there isn't even a belt.


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