Monday, March 7, 2011

10-4(0) over and out!

Like every other good American, I am getting ready to file my income tax return. Of course before I can send it to the accountant to figure out, I have to do all the grunt work of going through the receipts etc to determine our deductions.

Because of Maggie's extreme medical situation, the medical decuctions are always the biggest part of everything. I generally keep every receipt throw it in a file and this time every year I regret not being more organized. I know there are better and neater ways to do this, but I'm still patting myself on the back for saving stuff.

Right now there are piles all over the dining room. I have the doctors and hosptials separated from the dentists and supplies. Once everything is separated, I make an excel spread sheet so that it makes sense to someone other than me.  If the spreadhseet is set up right, I can input the stuff easily into the accountant's form.

The single biggest pile is from Walgreens Drug Store. Maggie has a lot of prescriptions - I mean a LOT. I counted 166 prescription receipts, and a ton of others for supplies. I'll bet 162/166 of those are Maggie's. The rest of us might have the occasional prescription, but nothing ongoing.  I am also willing to bet there are other receipts in bags and pockets that never made it to my high tech filing system.

I can show you the Walgreens' pile because it's by itself on a sideboard. I can't possibly capture the rest of the medical and charitable stuff spread out all over the table. This doesn't even include most of the supplies which are delivered by other companies.

Don't be jealous.

 Oh and don't drop by for the next day or so either.


  1. Jealous? No, got my own piles, except they're on the floor, and it's CVS instead of Walgreen's; otherwise, that photo looks just like home! Good luck---one always feels so virtuous (briefly) when it's finally all organized and filed away so the new receipts can start accumulating unimpeded.....

  2. I'm all too familiar with piles and files. Mine, of late, have been all education related. Don't you wish for the organizing fairy to come along and wave her wand?

  3. We also used to have the huge pile of Walgreens receipts but we found that they will print a summary of all of last years medications. That works for us here in Oregon, California might be different but I thought I would pass this on. Last year our co-pay for meds was over 5,000 and we were able to use that one form to deduct it all. I hope that might help with your piles next year.


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