Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No friends like old friends

If there are no friends like old friends, then I am a very lucky woman because I have a lot of old friends. I am spending this Sunday night with my three friends I've had since childhood.  I have another group of girl friends from a job I had 20 years ago that I see regularly.  Over the past few weeks I  have reconnected with other folks from various parts of my past and it has been great. 

First on the hit parade was my college roommate Clare and her lovely daughter Anne Marie. I do not get to see them often enough, even though they only live in Stockton, about 1.5 hours from here. They drove over to spend the afternoon with us a couple of weeks ago. It was great and I'm hoping to see them more often in the coming months. Clare and I were roommates for 2.5 years during our days at UCLA.We were both English majors and had an IMPRESSIVE collection of Cliff's notes between us. She and I know a lot of each others secrets, so it's important to stay on good terms. I'm kidding about that. It's easy to stay on good terms with her, she is hilarious. 

Last Friday we had some friends to dinner that I haven't seen in several years. I used to work with Richard. His wife and Steve worked at a similar (but separate) firms, so we all knew each other. Richard and I both left that firm about 20 years ago and and connections were more tenuous. Each of us were raising kids and all that. I kept in touch with him and ran into his wife once or twice, but we never seemed to get together. Not only did they come over, but he COOKED dinner and we laughed ourselves silly. Maggie told a few jokes to keep everyone entertained. 

The very next night has to be the corker, though. I went to a reunion of my grammar school class. Not high school, GRAMMAR SCHOOL, meaning I was connecting with the people with whom I spent my childhood. St. Stephens grammar school is a K-8 school. I graduated in 1970. That's 41 years ago! It was impressive, out of 41surviving classmates, 19 showed up, the brave ones actually bringing their spouses along. There were about 30 people there.   Two of my former classmates organized it with a lot of help from Facebook. (saving Egypt and connecting long lost friends and acquaintances.)  Someone would say something from that era and it would spark 10 other memories. 

Of the 19 classmates there, only three of us still live in the City, but most are in the surrounding communities. Two actually traveled to attend this function - using the opportunity to visit family at the same time.  It was amazing to see the grown ups we have all become. The kids I last saw at age 14 are now lawyers, teachers, firemen, contractors, butchers, television producers, and professionals of all types. Several are looking at retirement and some are grandparents.  It was wild.

It's good to remember all the facets of your life. When I get bogged down in ordering Maggie's supplies or waiting for doctors or prescriptions or anything else, I just have to remember all the people I have encountered in this life that helped me get to this point. You have to smile. 

In fact, here are a few of them from 1970:

Can you find me? 


  1. I'm peering at it closely, but I can't find you. I was looking for someone who might resemble Maggie, too! And thank you for the CD -- it came yesterday afternoon! We're so looking forward to listening to it. Please tell Maggie that I am mailing her package either today or tomorrow --

    I loved your post about friendship -- I have several old, old friends and there's just nothing like it. I think there's something profound, special and comforting about having friends around that have known one BEFORE.

  2. It is so funny how similar your class picture looks to my old class pictures -same hair styles! You are fourth one down on the far left side - right?


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