Thursday, March 10, 2011

Speaks Latin, my Satin Doll.....

 I learned in 9th grade Latin class that the suffix -logy comes form the Laitn  (or Greek) word "logia" which means "study." In English it is widely used to describe scientific pursuits,  e.g. geology or neurology. Not sure why, but it seems to be limited to science. Scientists and doctors are geologists and pulmonologists; but teachers are not called educationologists, and lawyers are not legalologists. I guess the sciences are a little more serious and the usage of Latin has a bit more gravitas (also Latin)*.

Maggie has more than her share of   "ology" and "-ologists "in her life. We are seeing a few today. At 1PM Maggie has an appointment with urology, which is something we have to do every couple of years.  Of course, she is having some problems with her trach again, so I called pulmonology yesterday. The pulmonologist wants us to stop by and see her too. She thought I was going to GI (gastrointerology) but I told her no, urology. She said oh, they're right here, just tell neurology that you're coming to see us too. Me, no, it's UROLOGY, not NEUROLOGY and they're on a different floor. I'm supposed to check in there on the 6th floor and come down to pulmonology while I'm waiting to be seen in urology - there's generally a long wait.

That will be my second trip to UCSF today. I am sitting on a panel this morning to discuss our experiences there. I would have said not to this one but I heard it was a presentation for newly hired nurses. They need to hear the family perspective. I love nurses and would do anything to help them; but selfishly, I am excited to get my words in their heads while they're fresh and new. I have to be there at 11:00 AM, leave at noon, pick up Maggie from school at 12:30 and be back for the 1:00 appointment(s)

So, I have no idea how this will all work, but Maggie will be seeing various ologists on various floors at the same time. I wish I knew horology** so I could figure out how to do all these things at the same time

*Latin - it's not just for crossword puzzles anymore.

**study of time. admittedly and purposefully misused...

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