Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A break from Spring break

Maggie is off school this week. It is her spring break.We planned a fun outing at least once a day in the morning before the nurse arrived. We haven't done that well. We did go shopping on Monday, we went to grandpa's house on Saturday and had a trip to the park on Sunday. Monday was just one errand in the afternoon. Tuesday we did have fun doing some shopping for the opening of baseball season - including a walk around AT&T park in Maggie's panda hat.

 (For those of you NOT SF Giants fans 1) why not? and 2) "Panda" is 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval's nickname.)

Today was supposed to be another trip to Fisherman's wharf. The weather is fantastic and we were going to hit the wharf early. But it was not to be.

Early was redefined.

Tim arrived home at 1:00AM and the nurse told him to wake me up to come and check on Maggie. She was needing increased oxygen. I hung out for a while evaluating and basically told the nurse to marshall on. Yes. It was concerning and I needed to check in with the doctor in the AM. The nurse may have wanted more, but Maggie just wasn't sick enough to justify a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. Basically they (read "I") would have monitored her all night and I had a private nurse to do that. I went back to bed and tossed and turned until 6:30.

In the morning, Maggie looked better. The nurse left and I was in charge. She was doing ok, but I had to report this. i called the nurse practitioner. The message said she was on vacation but the other NP would be checking messages and returning emergency calls. Were we an emergency? No, not at that point. I chatted with my sister on the phone and kept an eye on Maggie. By 10:30 she was looking pretty pale. I told her O2 sat and it was alarmingly low. I put the oxygen on and decided to page the pulmonologist. (First time I have used her direct pager since she gave it to me a couple of months ago.) I was hoping we could just get an order for a chest xray and whatever labs Maggie needed. Nope. We had to go through channels. She told us to go to urgent care.

Urgent care has punted Maggie to the ER too many times for my liking. They decide based on her description alone that Maggie has to go to the ER. Maggie is not sick enough to need the ER and it is a waste of time and money to go there. I called Dr. Aicardi, her private pediatrician. As usual, they were extremely accommodating and we could be seen there at 11:30. Perfect.

We were there for an hour. Maggie had (another) breathing treatment and her numbers improved dramatically. We took a prescription along with orders for blood work and a chest xray to use if she got worse instead of better.  It could go either way. We waited for the drugs for 45 minutes and then gave up and went home, arriving around 2:00PM. By 3:00 PM I talked to the doctor and they changed the antibiotic they had just ordered. I needed to go back to Walgreen's to get the new drug. ugh.

Tonight Maggie's numbers are a bit lower again. She is a little worse, but not terribly. Still, things are not gong in the right direction. It looks like our outing tomorrow will be to the lab for the blood work and xrays.

Too bad. We had much more enjoyable things planned.

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