Monday, March 28, 2011

Maggie and Sophie

The blogosphere is a funny place. You write your heart out and send the words off into the void not knowing who or even if anyone is reading. Then you get a comment here or an email there and you realize people are checking in and want to know what's happening in Maggie's World.

I see the sidebar listing places where I don't know a sole, but I know I have faithful readers in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Euless, Texas, to name just a couple of places. I read other peoples blogs too, mostly about other children who live with challenges like Maggie's - or different from Maggie's. Obviously I find a lot of similarly situated families and it's easy to connect on the internet.

 Sometimes you even develop friendship with this unseen readers, like I have with Elizabeth, who authors a lovely blog about many things including her 16 year old daughter Sophie. (check out her lovely blog here). We've never met face to face, but we have formed a connection. I told my sister in law that Elizabeth was re-opening her cake business (Heavenly Cakes) and Elizabeth made the cake for my brother's surprise party last week. I recommended her without hesitation even though I've never met her and never tasted anything she's baked. Sometimes you just know.

 We wonder if we can get our girls to meet someday, but the disabilities of each make that difficult to imagine. Still, we have decided Maggie and Sophie are friends. I don't know about Sophie, but Maggie is delighted to go along with that.

Especially when GIFTS arrive in the mail from this friend.

Maggie ripped open the pretty pink tissue paper to find two scarves from The Salty Dog Cafe on Hilton Head Island. Sophie lives in Los Angeles, but has her peeps shopping all over the country! Maggie was beside herself with the two scarves and doesn't really care if this friendship was invented by their moms. She thinks Sophie is A-OK

Thanks Sophie. Maggie couldn't decide which one to put on, so she thought she'd just hold both of them. They're blurry because she is shaking them, which is what she does when she's excited. Tell your mom thanks too.


  1. Oh Sally. What a beautiful story.

  2. That warms my heart. And yes, Sophie agrees that she and Maggie are friends. As proof, she listens to Maggie's party CD nearly every day when she gets home from school. And I just know that these two girls will meet one day --


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