Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I received an email from Maggie's teacher advising me about a video made by Mission High students about the kids in Maggie's class.  It make me tear up - it is so sweet.

if you want to see it follow the instructions below. You can see Tanya Derkash, Maggie's wonderful teacher. Her classmate and friend Juan is also featured as is Lepa, who is something of a mentor to Maggie and her classmates.Just so you know, you have to watch the principal do his thing, but that's cool too. You will see Maggie at the computer a couple of times,but Juan and Lepa are the stars of this show, as are the typical students giving their input.

 The link is www.missionhs.org and it is the video that presents on the home page called MYTV.

The part in question starts at 2:50. I'm going to try to embed it


  1. Wow. It made me tear up, too, and I'm going to pass it along to Sophie's teacher. What a wonderful class Maggie is in -- it's hard to believe how sophisticated everything is -- especially given the sh#$# we have to deal with down here --

  2. What a wonderful kid Juan is and the class Maggie was in is amazing! I wish more kids could be like the kids in this video who want to get to know Juan and Maggie and their class!


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