Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rest in Peace, little one

I just read a story about a little girl named Laila who died over the weekend. She was just 8 years old and from all accounts was the apple of her mother’s eye. Laila had severe cerebral palsy and unspecified mental disabilities, but she always looked like a princess.   According to neighbors, her mom went beyond any normal parent in making a good life for Laila.

Mom did go beyond any normal parent. She hooked the tailpipe exhaust to run into the car, put Laila in and got in herself. The caregiver found them when she arrived to help care for Laila. Mom is going to recover, and she will be charged with murder. Laila is gone.

What causes a parent to do such a thing? It Is unfathomable to me. There will be theories, I’m sure. People will blame the amount of care that Laila required. People will blame the system that does not work. People will blame mom for not being stronger and tougher and for not seeking help when things became too much for her to handle.  People will blame society that has no place for the Lailas of the world. 

Every theory will be correct to some degree.

I do not have answers. I wish I did. Some families simply cannot handle the stress and they snap under the pressure.  Obviously I am not condoning or excusing the mothers actions in any way. She killed her daughter and she must pay for that crime.

It just makes me profoundly sad.

Rest in peace Laila.


  1. I was JUST walking out with a coworker this morning and we were talking about how hard it must be to care for a sick child. I have met so many incredible parents who do it with GRACE..YOU of course my friend are one of them.
    This story brought tears to my eyes.

    THANK YOU for sharing and God BLESS YOU!!!!


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