Friday, May 20, 2011

Finish the Scrubbing because it's time for the BALL

Prom day has arrived and Miss Maggie is beyond excited. She wanted to try on her dress again yesterday but I told her she had to wait . She starts working on her talker and then I hear.
"I dress up tomorrow."
I just had to go in and give her a big kiss after that. Her enthusiasm is infectious. 

The prom fantasy has captured many a young woman. Sometimes the fantasy is realized and the night is magical. Too often, though teenage girls have set their expectations unrealistically high and are extremely disappointed when the actual night roles around. I can say with certainty that will not be a problem for Maggie. There is no boy drama, no competition with the other girls, just unmitigated joy at going to a social outing with her friends. Dressing up is just the icing on the cake. 

Kindness of two friends has added to the magic of the prom week. My friend Kathleen saw the post the other day about the dress not fitting. She want to make certain that Maggie had something to wear and she knew time was of the essence. Without saying a word, she packed up a box of possible accessories and a lacy black skirt which arrived via fedex yesterday.  That was beyond thoughtful. 

And then there's Kelly. Kelly is lawyer who works with Steve. She's only met Maggie once but she always asks about her and sent home a Christmas present for her. That was nothing compared to this week. Kelly brought a package into Steve to give to Maggie. It is a tiara for her to wear to the prom. But not just any tiara, it's the one Kelly wore in her own wedding. 

It is the perfect accessory to her fancy dress. Maggie will look even more like a princess. But Maggie is not good with anything on her head and she tends to fling it off as quickly as she can. We are going to give it a try and will certainly take pictures, but the thought of Maggie hurling that wedding tiara across the room is creating a pit in my stomach.  The gesture was incredibly generous and thoughtful, I'm just not sure Maggie is princess enough to go through with it. Maggie's princess persona may be more like Princess Leia or Elvira, Princess of the Dark than Kate Middleton or Cinderella.

Have a good weekend everyone. Think of Maggie this evening as she is dancing the night away.


  1. I will be thinking of her and of you! Have a wonderful time --

  2. We are patiently waiting to hear about the prom!!!!!!!!


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