Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Have a Winner

I bought another prom dress to replace the ill fitting gown from yesterday. It took me quite a while, the dresses are quite a bit more revealing in the Junior Department. I showed this to Maggie as she got off the bus and she was chomping at the bit to try it on. The bus driver gave it a thumbs up. She will use the same burnt orange wrap I showed yesterday.To tell you the truth, if it doesn't warm up she may travel to the prom in a snuggie which we will pull off for her grand entrance.

I had to grab a quick picture of her in the dress because you have never seen anyone so happy. 

We even took off her straps and oxygen for a couple of minutes so we can see the dress. I was worried she was going to slide out of the chair without the straps, but she stayed put long enough to grab a photo. We're hoping the oxygen is completely gone  by Friday. (She's getting there)

Now to get a wheelchair accessible pumpkin.


  1. Maggie looks FABULOUS in those pictures! So very grownup :-)


  2. If you saw me now, I'd have the biggest smile on my face that you've ever seen.

    Fantastic! Wowza! Tell Maggie she's gorgeous!


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