Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If it does not fit, you must acquit

Maggie went to school for a couple of hours today, but I had to go get her about 11. That's fine, it's all part of operation stamina. Perhaps tomorrow she'll go until noon.

When we got home I told her we would try on her prom dress and take some pictures. Good thing we did. It's too small. My daughter is no longer a little girl. It's a body shape thing more than a size thing. I guess it's time to move up to juniors. Those will probably swim on her. She's just between world, in fashion and everything else.

I have to take it back and find something else.By Friday. And Maggie needs additional care from me. Also this  afternoon is out because she has ANOTHER doctor's appointment.

Maggie is not at all pleased with this development. She is using her talker to say "Mom, I want dress. Mom, I am good. Mom I am happy, dress. Please"  I am trying to explain it has nothing to do with her, the dress simply does not fit.  

As Gary Puckett used to sing "This girl is a woman now."

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  1. I know you don't have much time, but Nordstrom has some pretty good dresses in the little girl department (sizes up to 14).


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