Monday, May 16, 2011

Pushing toward Friday

Maggie continues to inch her way toward wellness, but it is excruciatingly slow. According to the doctor improvement is the key, even if it's measured in nannobytes.

The end of the year activities are coming fast and furiously. As I wrote the other day, Maggie missed Special Olympics day, which was spectacularly unfair.* Today was the picnic, and I did take her over there for a while. She still needs supplemental oxygen and does all right for a while, and then you can see her fade. It's like a curtain comes down on her energy level. Fortunately the picnic was in Golden Gate park, about 5 minutes from the house, so we could pop over and leave early without difficulty.

It's a stamina issue. I have to push her a little so she can increase her stamina, but not too much so she goes in the wrong direction. It's a balancing act.  But there is a goal. Maggie's prom is Friday night. We need her well enough to go.

This afternoon after the nurse arrived and we did all the procedures I decided it was time to plan for the positive. I bought Maggie's prom dress. It's not easy to find an appropriate dress for a variety of reasons. Maggie is very small in stature and we have to buy it in the little girls department. But her body, while small, is not that of a little girl. While she has certain physical attributes, she does not a shred of modesty. Any low cut dress or spaghetti straps are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. The dress has to be malfunction proof, which means a high cut party dress..  But this is not a 8 year old birthday party, it's a high school prom. So we have to use more sophisticated  accessories. I think this just might work. Maggie perked up when she saw it and reached her hand out to feel the fabric.

Now let's hope she gets to wear it.

*quoted from Notting Hill. We've been stuck in the house watching a lot of movies.

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  1. The dress looks perfect, and I love the wrapped scarf. I'm sure she'll be beautiful in it, and I'm praying and hoping that she'll make it to the prom. She must!


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