Monday, June 20, 2011


Ahh Monday. The bus has come and gone and taken Maggie to school. We were happy to bid each other adieu. It was a nice weekend - incredibly nice weather wise. And today is another spectacular day.

This is actually typical June weather in San Francisco. The rain earlier in the month was freaky, but the wild flowers from all the rain are spectacular. I took this with my phone as we were walking up at Lone Mountain on the USF campus (about 6 blocks from here). Actually it was foggy by the time we finished this walk, but earlier the day was great.

 The fog rolls in just in time to screw up the 4th of July fireworks and stays until September. Today will be 78 and perfect. July  and August will be 58 and foggy. We learn to enjoy the good days while they last.

Yesterday we went out to see Steve's dad  and make him breakfast. He lives about an hour from here, but with Maggie that might as well be 10 hours. It is just very difficult to take her anywhere. It is much hotter out there and Maggie was pretty listless in the heat. But then again, so was I. We are temperate climate people.

Steve's dad lives in a split level house. We can get Maggie into the Family room from the back yard because it is at ground level. There is also a bedroom/office and a bathroom on that level. It is open to the kitchen/breakfast room, but those are 3 or 4 steps up. Then the bedrooms are up another full level. Despite the relatively easy access to the family room, it is actually more difficult to maneuver Maggie and her wheelchair in this house than in ours. We were eating breakfast about 10 feet from where she was sitting and she kept saying "Dad, I want to go upstairs." It was a bit heartbreaking. She could see and hear us perfectly well, but she wanted to be included at the table with us.  

You might think it would be easy to just bring her up there, but you would be wrong. We have learned that sometime we just cannot do it. Maggie weighs 76 lbs and her chair with all the equipment on it weighs about 140. We cannot do the lifting to get her upstairs knowing we will just have to bring her back down. Maggie survived and we went back to the family room as soon as it was done, but I felt bad.

On a happier note, our friends Mark and Vicki stopped by. They have been bringing my father in law dinner every Sunday for well over a year now. God bless them both. Mark and Steve have been friends since high school and they live fairly close to my father in law. They brought beanie babies for Maggie to fling around the room and she did not disappoint. It was great to get to visit with them.

Mark found this card and thought of us. I laughed so hard I had to scan it when I got home. This is taken at the Legion of Honor about a mile and a half from here. It explains a lot about both our raccoon problem and the problems with the Muni (San Francisco's bus system)

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. I am glad to hear that your weekend was nice -- and your story of Maggie's "estrangement" from the rest of the family is all to familiar. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful week, and I hope Maggie enjoys summer school!


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