Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Girls Rock!

My role as camp director is on hiatus once again. Maggie is in Girls Rock Camp every morning this week.  It is like an empowerment camp for girls middle school through high school. These particular girls are all clients of California Childrens' Services, though, which means they have some physical issues that require therapy. Often their differences set them apart from their peers and limit normal social interaction. Hence the "Empowerment" is more like catch up. They do crafts, learn about nutrition, their bodies etc. It is a safe place to ask questions they may not be able to ask in the normal social setting. It's not really appropriate for Maggie  but the social opportunity is great.   Of course Maggie  can't go alone, she has to have someone with her. That someone is me. Instead of Camp director, I am Maggies' aide. We go to camp together.

Don't be jealous.

Maggie didn't last long yesterday. She was grumpy and the activities were particularly inappropriate for her. She is the only one there in a wheelchair, and surprisingly there is very little accommodation  to include her. She started to cry about two hours in and we left. Hopefully today will be better.

The crying is not like Maggie at all, but we are all still exhausted from last week. That was a lot of change for Maggie to handle. She was a trooper, but I think it just completely wore her out. Couple that with my sleep deprivation hangover and you begin to see how miraculous it is that anything is getting accomplished this week.

The sleep deprivation hangover is pretty much gone now. Yesterday was the worst - it always hits me harder on day 2.. I stayed up all night Saturday because the nurse cancelled. I slept a bit Sunday morning, so I felt "OK" but just clueless about the time. The shortage catches up with me the NEXT day which was yesterday. It's not a tiredness but more of a spaciness. For example, when Maggie and I left camp we went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds. I sat at a stop sign (not a traffic light) for about 3 minutes waiting for it to give me "go" sign. A car going the other way stopped and then proceeded giving me a strange look. My first thought: what's your problem, buddy? Then it hit me. Oh. I guess I can go. Best not to drive in those situations.

Today is a new day and we have another night's sleep under our belts. We might just be the most energetic  girls at Camp today. I have caffeine to help get me there. Maggie has to rely on her sparkling personality.

 And her peppy aide.

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  1. I think you and I should start some sort of moms' camp -- and soon. :(


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