Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pre teen and pre trach

Girls Rock Camp did not go well today. Maggie is coming down with something and making me quite nervous. She cannot seem to stay awake. She is "with it" - not lethargic (which is VERY bad) but she seems completely exhausted and she needed extra oxygen for a little bit today. She perked up later in the afternoon, but she spent her time at camp and most of the rest of the day like this, sound asleep.
You cannot see Barb who is holding her because there are other kids visible and I don't want to put up pics of kids I don't know. Barb was Maggie's physical therapist in middle school. Yesterday we saw Carmen who was her PT at the end of elementary school and today we also saw Alana, who handled Maggie is her early elementary years. Alana recently found these pictures from those days - maybe 8 or 9 years ago and shared them with me. These were from a power mobility camp. Maggie was trying to learn how to use the power chair. She still does it some, but we gave up on the joystick and now she drives with her head. It is very difficult for Maggie, but she loves loves loves doing it. 

There she is, pre-teen and pre-trach, missing teeth and all. I do miss her curly hair. It just disappeared over the years.  I always think she looks so young until I see the pictures from many years ago.

If Maggie doesn't perk up, tomorrow may be "Doctor Rock" camp instead of Girls Rock. 

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  1. Oh, I hate to think she's getting sick. Those early photos and your words touched me -- made my heart ache a bit. So much time -- so much life and joy and trouble. That Maggie of yours is still adorable --


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