Friday, August 5, 2011

Girls Still Rocking

Just checking in, which I haven't done for a few days.  It's been a crazy week. Maggie has been in Girls Rock! camp this week. Of course she can't go without a personal aide or nurse and that, my friends, is ME. Today is the last day - and I am OK with that.

Maggie doesn't really "get" the issues - but she enjoys the socialization. Or at least she does usually. This week she has been very blah all week- sort of out of it. She's fighting off something, but is still falling asleep a lot and needing some extra oxygen. Not really sick, but not great. We are still waiting for whatever this is to reveal itself. For the past six months, this has been the new and prolonged presentation of respiratory problems. There's nothing really to treat (except for the O2) but she's not exactly healthy either. As I type this she is sound asleep in her chair next to me and she just got up 30 minutes ago.  

Yesterday Maggie and I made a Girls Rock mixed CD and have been making copies for all the girls in the camp. Maggie will be quite popular with the other girls when they get these, that's for sure. 

I better go gather all that we need for the final day of camp. They don't want the aide (moi) showing up in her jammies. The idea is to make the idea of becoming a woman attractive and that sight would have the opposite effect.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Maggie is still ailing a bit and hope it's resolved soon. I've so enjoyed hearing about Camp Rock -- my Sophie is going to a Communicamp next week. I found someone to go with her, though, so I look forward to the few hours where she'll be occupied without her cruise director -- moi!

  2. Hi Sally. I think I just subscribed. My Internet access is a little spotty in Tahoe, but the weather more than makes up for it. Rock on!! Nancy Crowley


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