Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Reality, whatever that is

Good morning. It's already Wednesday! We survived our long weekend, but just barely. It was a whirlwind.

It was great to see Eddie and Grace again. Maggie was beside herself, She just kept saying "Eddie Eddie Eddie" on her talker. He would occasionally answer with WHAT?!?! and she would laugh her head off. Maggie would then say "Eddie,  I am happy," to which he would reply/shout "Prove it!" and that would start her laughing all over again.

Dinner on Sunday turned out to be a 15 person soiree. We had to bring up a folding table from the basement to accommodate everyone. Food was delicious and company even better. There were in laws, cousins from both sides my mom and Steve's dad.   The conversation is always lively and loud punctuated with lots of laughter. On top of all that, Maggie needed suctioning almost constantly, so I would be up and down form the table suctioning her, but not missing a beat with the conversation.

 My niece brought her friend who had never met any of us. I could see she was trying to make sense of who everyone was, how they were connected and what was going on. She may be writing her own blog right about now.

While juggling all these balls in the air, I neglected to do the one thing I planned, which was to get a picture with all three of my kids. That didn't happen. Oh well. Eddie will be back in November. We'll try then.
 I did get Eddie, Tim and Grace along with Eddie's friend John just as they were heading out for a night on the town.

Everybody but my father in law was gone by Monday morning, so Maggie and I decided to take a walk in the park. As we started through the pedestrian tunnel we saw all these guys coming and I had to grab a photo.

I should be sued to seeing these segways, but when they come through in a line like that it still cracks me up. I feel like we have slipped into a cartoon or something.

 OK. Labor Day is behind us. Even though school started three weeks ago, now it's for real. In fact today is picture day and Maggie was dressed like a member of the French resistance with her black and white striped shirt and scarf around her neck. I hope they don't put a cigarette in her hand to complete the look.

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