Friday, September 23, 2011


I woke up to a strange buzzing sound this morning and it took me a minute to realize what it was because I haven't heard it in several weeks. The alarm clock! That means I actually slept all night. It's been a crazy month around here and sleep has been fleeting at best.

Wednesday night Maggie pulled out her feeding tube, the other night it was her trach tube. My injured shoulder kept me up for several nights as did listening for my father in law while he stayed with us for a few weeks. But last night all was quiet. Steve is backpacking, no one is in the spare room, all Maggie's tubes and appliances stayed where they were supposed to, the nurse didn't need any help and the motrin I took before bed kept the shoulder from throbbing. A recipe for a  quiet night's sleep. If I can repeat that for another week or so I might catch up. But Steve will be back Sunday with two extra people who are staying here, so I have to make the most of this weekend.

Someone did call my cell phone at 12:30AM to cancel an appointment we had for today (Really?) but I didn't hear it. Good thing I charge my cell phone in the kitchen while I sleep upstairs. I can't be responsible for what I would have said if I rushed downstairs to answer that.

Just before I went to bed I received this picture in an email. A friend took this of Maggie the other day with a fancy camera. I stared at it for a long time because it is an excellent picture of Maggie. It really captures her - especially her joie de vivre.  I put it on facebook with the question "Is there anyone in the world as happy as this girl?"

The consensus is No.

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  1. Sally
    My girls wanted to know if you're still working on the book?


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