Sunday, September 25, 2011


My ancestors emigrated to the United States from Ireland some 130 years ago. My great grandfather Michael Casey settled in San Francisco and rose to power in the labor movement of the early 1900's. He was a rabble rouser and bettered the lives of many people with his work.  His seven children, my grandfather and his siblings, were powerful city officials in their day, but less controversial then their powerful father. They were born in San Francisco, not Ireland. Perhaps they didn't have the same need to fight. Perhaps they didn't have to because of their father's success at fighting.  Perhaps the inclinations is always there but the fight changes. Perhaps it skips a few generations.

Maggie seems to have it. Her whole life is a fight and she battles every day with a giant smile on her face. Like Michael Casey, she betters the life of many many people. She has the Irish charm and the fighting spirit.

Recently our friend Kelly traveled to Ireland to visit her family. She came back with a gift for Maggie, a t shirt from County Cork, the rebel county. Though my family is not from County Cork, I do believe Maggie qualifies as a rebel. Maggie was delighted with the shirt and wears it proudly.

Maggie's rebel status may explain the official letter/notice  I received on Saturday. Maggie is now an official Truant from the San Francisco Unified school district. It is curious, of course because Maggie goes to school every single day. Or at least she gets on the bus. For all I know she is leading an uprising on that bus every morning. Her great great grandfather would be so proud.

Despite the street cred this gives Maggie, I was less than pleased with this official notice and emailed the principal and the teacher on Saturday afternoon (as soon as the notice arrived) letting them know I thought this was ridiculous and asking for it to be remedied.  I told them it felt a bit like someone was turning the knife. I received a response from the principal in less than an hour.That impressed me.  He agreed it was ridiculous and promised to put a stop to it.

Maggie, of course would rather I left this alone. She would prefer to maintain her rebel status.


  1. This is a perfect post -- including the photo.

  2. As my father used to say, "Up the Rebels!"

  3. Go Maggie!! Shake up the SF school district!!!


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