Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Day

Maggie is about to get on the bus to go to school like most school days. But today is very different. Maggie is going to be the host student for two exchange students from Germany and they are arriving today. Our guests are two girls and they will be in the US for three weeks. They will not attend Mission High, where Maggie goes. Rather they are part of a program at ISA - International Studies Academy in Potrero Hill.

My brother is a teacher at ISA and they were a little short on host families, so we volunteered. The girls, Vanya and Betty, will be here for a week, then the group goes to Los Angeles, then back here for the third week. We are all looking forward to this new adventure.

I did let the organizers know that Maggie is not exactly a typical American High school student and wanted to make sure that the students placed here understood the realities. I certainly don't need to shock a visiting teenager. These girls know what they are walking into, so we don't have to worry about that. I received a couple of emails from Vanya, and it is clear her English is excellent, so we will all get along great, I'm sure.

I am picking them up at the airport and then taking them to their school for a reception. My brother will bring them here after school so they could arrive shortly after Maggie gets back on the bus.

Of course today is also the day that our refrigerator arrives and right now the counter is lined with non perishable items that have been in the fridge since it went out on Saturday. Think about it. What is non perishable that you keep in a refrigerator? Beer, of course. And there's also a bottle of champagne.

 I really hope the new one is in place and all this put away before they get home from school. I would have their first impression to be a kitchen counter lined with alcohol. They were informed about the disabilities, not the alcohol.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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