Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are hosting two German highs school students for three weeks. They arrived yesterday and everything seems to be going very well. The two girls, Vanya and Betty, are already good friends in Germany, so they are very pleased to be rooming together. They are lovely, polite, speak perfect English and think everything is great. That's the kind of house guest you dream of. Here they are leaving for school this morning and saying good bye to Maggie.

We've already had our first cultural exchange. I asked if there was anything they wanted to eat or didn't want to eat so I could stock the groceries accordingly. Vanya mentioned last time she was here she had some lovely cheese from Philadelphia that was very creamy and wold love to have that again. I said, Philadelphia Cream Cheese? Yes. No problem. They had bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and Betty had never heard of them or tried them. Of course she loved it (how could you not?). I guess that's not technically MY culture but I think Bagels are assimilated enough that we can all claim them.

Maggie has had limited interaction at this point. The girls met her when they got home yesterday, but they could barely stay awake and were in bed by about 7:30. They will have plenty of time to get to know one another.

The new refrigerator arrived while I was at the airport (of course.) Thanks to the generosity of my friend Rose who waited at my house for the delivery men, it is in place and cooling food again. I tried to convince Vanya and Betty that my kitchen is not usually in such disarray, but I'm not sure I got that across. The plastic wrapping on the refrigerator helped me look a bit more credible.  Of course now its a day later and the food is put away, but the disarray continues, so maybe it's not just the new refrigerator.

Have a grand day.

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  1. That sounds like fun, and I hope it continues to be a diversion and not too much responsibility. I love the cream cheese story -- my niece from Switzerland was just here visiting with her boyfriend and they had such fun shopping at our local Ralph's, claiming that all the selections were marvelous. They bought things like yogurt flavored with cheesecake, etc. and cereal with cookies inside, etc. So much for good, healthy Swiss food!


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