Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What do you DO all day?

For those who still ask "What do you DO all day," here's my day today.

Maggie had some medical tests today that meant she could not have any food after 8AM. We kept the night feeds going until 7 and then I fed her at 7:30. She had to go hungry until 2PM. That's a long time for Maggie who gets a feeding every two hours.

We headed downstairs and the school bus was 40 minutes late. I didn't call until it was about 25 minutes late and then they said another 10 minutes. We waited, but that definitely threw off my timing for the day. I took a shower, prepared paperwork for the afternoon appointments and waited for a contractor to come at 10 so he could take the ceiling lift back for repairs. He called at 10 and moved things to 12:30. Grr. Ok.

I head downtown to pick up the check for the nursing, which is available on the 11th of the month. Of course there was a mix up that delayed things for several minutes and  I had to dash home to get there before the contractor. No time to put the check in the bank. I'll have to do it after Maggie's tests.  He arrived and wanted to test the loaner machine. I was eying the clock because I had to get Maggie. He left, and I raced over to Mission high to pick her up.

I swear I missed every single light on the way back across town. When you are sitting at a light saying "Please turn green" over and over, you know you are cutting things close.

We get to the hospital at 1:45 and there is no place to park. No place for about six blocks. I went into the lot behind the nearby market and figured I would get a validation when I came back an hour later. It' s a little scammy, but I was desperate. We arrive on the stroke of 2 and the tests started right on time. They took a lot longer than I expected and one was HORRIBLE for Maggie. She was frantic and sobbing. I'm happy to be there to comfort her, but its very hard to watch and I feel like a co conspirator. We get out of there about 4:15. Maggie is fine, but still upset.

I walk back to the parking lot, buy an iced coffee I really don't want in order to get my ticket validated, load Maggie's chair into the car (right in front of the guy in the ticket booth) pull out and hand him the ticket. My two hour validation is expired. I need an extra $5 to get out. That's fine, but I cannot find my cash. I offer him the visa and he say no cash only. He tells me me there is an ATM around the block. There is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to unload Maggie again. I pull over so others can get by and search through my enormous purse because I KNOW there is cash in there somewhere. I contemplate making a run for it, but decide that's beneath me. I cannot find the cash.  I was going to just give him my business card and tell him I would be back in 30 minutes with cash but I had to get her home for her treatments. Maggie is whimpering a bit but not crying any more.

I decided to calm down a little bit and look again. I put the coffee down on the seat between my knees, and calmly look in the various slots in my bag. I feel something cold and realize the coffee is all over my khaki pants. Lovely. Just then I  find the cash. Who cares about he pants. Let's go HOME. I walk over and hand it to the guy who just looks at me sympathetically.

We get home and Maggie is overdue for her treatments. She is still upset by the NG Tube they had to shove up her nose. I don't blame her. I am too.

I hop in the shower for the second time today. Never did get that check to the bank. It has to clear by Thursday so I can pay the nurses. I will have to juggle some funds to make that happen. But that's tomorrows problem.

Now I have to go to a meeting at a different hospital. In fact I'm late.

I sure hope there's parking.


  1. Sally, you certainly put life in perspective. I have nothing but admiration for you and Maggie. xo Nancy

  2. lol - I just did one of these, too! Must be in the air. Agree with elizabeth, you are clearly a slacker :/


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