Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Sydney

Maggie received a gift in the mail yesterday. That's a fun thing for a random Wednesday. Of course Ms. Maggie tends to receive gifts fairly often. This is her third gift in a week. Her aunt and uncle sent a t-shirt from Notre Dame University. She loves it. Over the weekend her brother Eddie gave her a cool Felt Bicycle shirt, so Maggie looks very cutting edge. All three gifts were great, but the one on Wednesday was very touching.

She received a book from her cousin Sydney.

Sydney is actually the daughter of Maggie's cousin Kelly. Kelly is the first of the 20 grandchildren and Maggie is among the last.  The age spread is just about an entire generation. Sydney, the first of the NEXT generation  will be 11 next month so she is much closer to Maggie's age. Sydney and her family live in Montana and we've really only met the kids, including Sydney, a couple of times. When they come to California they naturally go visit their grandparents in LA not crazy great aunts and cousins in San Francisco. I did write about a visit they made her a couple of years ago. That was a great time. (Maggie World: Big Sky Invasion)

Sydney sent Maggie a book entitled Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. This book is a novel for kids about a girl very much like Maggie. We plan to read it to her while she recovers from her surgery tomorrow.  The book itself is great, but the sentiment is even better.

Sydney wrote this inside the cover:

Dear Maggie, When I read this book I thought of you! The main character is Melody. She is sweet, kind, loving and SMART, just like you. Love Sydney.  

Then she decorated the page with a Glittery version of "MAGGIE" (hard to see because it's neon green)

Maggie grinned from ear to ear when she saw it and ran her fingers across the glittery letters.

 I almost started to cry. It was so heartwarming to receive this and to know it came from Syd's heart, which is obviously quite large. Maggie is very lucky to have cousins like Sydney and her sisters who don't let little things like time and distance interfere with thoughtfulness and family.

I wish I could think of a clever book to send back but I am unaware of a book with a heroine so sweet and generous and thoughtful. If Sydney is indicative of the next generation I think we can all relax a little bit about the future.


  1. How utterly beautiful. We all really enjoyed the book Out of My Mind, and if Maggie likes to listen, it's available on tape as well.

    Blessings to you and to Maggie tomorrow. I will be thinking about that dear girl and her mama, wishing you success and relief and an easy, quick recovery!

  2. Please let us know how Maggie's surgery went today, we are thinking of her:)


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